With MyCat, you can monitor rented goods, sales, and current store status

Library module is divided into two separate stores, one for rental and the other for selling books. Teachers order books for rent, system registers the order, automatically adjusts the current state of store, and in case teacher or student does not return the book in time, a reminder will be sent.

You can sell books alone or together with a course. You can easily issue an invoice or a simplified tax document for a sold book. Lower VAT rate for books is taken into account by the system. You can also enter books in electronic form into the system and offer them to users, teachers, or students.

What functions does library module consist of?

  • Store of books for sale

  • Separate record of books for rent

  • Invoicing book sales

  • Record of rented goods and reminders of return date

  • Teachers can order books in MyCat e-shop

  • Electronic publications store